SON [aka SONY].

Hi there again. Welcome to my site of my products in creative field. I am Son, now already 20 years old guy from the Czech republic. I mean i was born there, but my roots are vietnamese. So these are the first words i say almost to every person, who asks about me. Geez, what next? For example what are my hobbies? I like to do many stuff. I like to design, take photos and make art. I don’t do sport so much, but when i do, it’s mostly tennis, swimming and therefore running. I like to read books and draw, even when i am not good at it so much. What are my favorite books? Well, i definitely like mysterious sic-fi, like Haruki Murakami, manga, comics, or for example Oscar Wilde. The Lord of Flies is also a fantastic book. Or On the road. Therefore i don’t read poetry much, but when i do, i can lie with it for hours, it can be really exciting. More about design, huh. I began to design websites when i first attended to high school, and now i am trying to get back to it, but i felt like I’ve been missing so many time to practice my skills lately. But nah, that doesn’t matter this much. Nextly i often watch movies. Now i should say that romantic dramas aren’t for me, but…  i love them. I love it, when i can wipe a tear when i watch some realistic movie about love, because its better than to get shocked by action movies haha. Momentary, Thai movies are pretty good, but the language is so damn funny :).

I am a foody, i know that about myself. I like every food almost, and i also eat vegetables and every time, when i have time and the mood, i cook some delicious dinner for myself and that’s what makes me happy. What makes me happy even more is music. Lots and lots of music. I got an obsession for EarPods, so i have to have at home at least 2-3 of them haha.

I also like fashion. I don’t spend so much on fashion, but i like to check on latest stuff to see what is cool and then inspire myself by it. But i cannot say that i have a gracious taste in fashion. It always looks too cheap, when i go shopping, because i often like everything what i see heh.

(more soon)

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